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A Musical Entasis with Myke Tyler

Fresno native and Los Angeles-based singer, Myke Tyler, is a fun-loving soul who is appreciative of music that has been cultivated. Being a lover of music, his musical influences like Prince, Toni Braxton, Maxwell and Musiq Soulchild and gospel roots, influenced by legendary families like the Clark Sisters and Winans, call him to be the artist he's becoming. Much like a creative engulfed in the art, Myke Tyler asks himself who he is often, understanding that he is in fact growing.

"Everyday I come up with a new additive to Myke Tyler."

Myke and I talked about his views on the current state of music, the obsessions of image which lead into his song "Entasis". Body image is one of the most common topics and influencers in today’s mainstream music. It’s very much a part of the culture of this generation. "I'm very aware of how society is and how society tends to dumb down this generation. Everything is about appearance. Everything has to be on point. It becomes so poisonous in that fact because some of these kids have to live up to the expectation of what you gotta look like and what you gotta be. I did it [Entasis] mainly for the women — everything is about a big butt, a pretty smile and baby hair.” *Fleek eyebrow gets an honorable mention.* Entasis is a flawless mellow vibe with a message, that explains what an entasis is through an analogy in conclusion.

Entasis (n): a slight convex curve in the shaft of a column, introduced to correct the visual illusion of concavity produced by a straight shaft.

Music in 2017 is in the middle of a shift — “mumble rap” and trap music is mainstream aside from the Kendrick Lamars and J. Coles. It’s been a long time since R&B has rode the mainstream wave, but the new R&B era is on a wave of its own. By various music journalists, It’s often grouped in the indie and alternative categories (i.e.: PBR&B, R-Neg-B, hipster R&B, etc.) much like neo-soul in the late 90s and 2000s. This era isn’t quite in the mainstream realm but due to this digital age, being mainstream is the least of worries.

With music literally being at the palms of our hands, we have much more control and access to find the artists who are using the internet to their advantages. A versatile Myke Tyler has much more than “Entasis” — he’ll working on new music for us audiophiles. To follow Myke Tyler, check out his Soundcloud, Twitter and Instagram.

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