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Sweet Rebel!

Danielle Moné Truitt is an embodiment of intelligence, strength, excellence and last but not least, an embodiment of talent. A triple talented of singer, dancer and actor — she has worked her magic from animated film to television series to theatre. To add to her list of accomplishments, Truitt will be taking on the lead role of Rebecca “Rebel” Knight in the upcoming BET TV series, Rebel will not just be a television series, it will be an experience. We will be witnessing all that she is including her boldness, beauty and badassery, with no apologies.

NS!: I understand that you studied theatre and dance at Sacramento State University and that you performed in theatre for many years. Did theatre prepare you for your transformation into film or has it come naturally?

DMT: Yes, I did study theatre at Sac State! I believe that theatre is the backbone and true foundation of acting! It is a training ground like no other. I believe doing theatre has helped me realize the depth of my acting. It has given me great stamina and versatility.

NS!: Are there any actors you studied for the role of Rebel? If so, what are some key things you took from them?

DMT: I love to study other actors. I believe that we can gain so much from watching others who are giants in the craft. For the role of Rebel, I studied Sarah Lancashire, who is the lead actress in the Netflix series Happy Valley. She has a remarkable gravitas. She is smart. She is highly nuanced.

NS!: Are there any similar personality traits between Danielle Moné Truitt and Rebecca "Rebel" Knight?

DMT: I think we are both very passionate about the things we care about. We are resilient and determined.

NS!: The role you're playing is so true to real life in America. The plight of the black community is so prevalent when it comes to police brutality. Was playing Rebel somewhat therapeutic?

DMT: Playing this role was very therapeutic. I cried many times during rehearsals for certain scenes because I would have moments when I would think about how much this story is needed. It would hit me that what we are talking about is ACTUALLY happening in our world and is affecting so many lives. I would have to just take a moment to get myself together and then continue shooting!

NS!: John Singleton is iconic and has given us stories that are historically life-changing. With you and John working together, it is also historic. How does it feel that you and John Singleton have collaborated on a television series together for the first time? You are now historic.

DMT: It is honestly hard for me to describe in words how grateful I am for this opportunity and to be working with the legendary, John Singleton. I could not have dreamed this up for myself, even if I tried. He is a true genius and visionary. I feel so blessed and everyday that I went to set, I wanted to make the most of this chance I have been given. I hope to make him proud!

NS!: This is an exciting time for black people in television. There seems to be a renaissance, but with Rebel, it’s a rebirth. What does "Rebel" mean to you?

DMT: To me, Rebel is for the underdog, the ignored, the misunderstood and forgotten. It is a story for the people! Something to lift us up. This show will celebrate us and empower our community. It is a diverse story, while also being unapologetically black. It's going to bring some realness and true grit to your TV screens. I believe Rebel is definitely part of the new renaissance.

Rebel premieres March 28th on BET. To keep up with Danielle Moné Truitt, follow her on Twitter: @danimonetruitt, Instagram: @daniellemonetruitt and Facebook: @daniellemonetruitt.

Courtesy of BET Networks: Take a look at the EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of Rebel.

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