Jesse Davis' S.O.U.L.

Born and raised in Winnsboro, South Carolina, Jesse Davis, is a 24-year-old hip-hop emcee who’s bringing the basics back to hip-hop. While giving us hard-hitting beats, strong lyrics and flow, he's also serving us the soul-filled music our families grew up on. With his intellect and debonair character, he’s showing originality and uplifting lives with his new entitled album, S.O.U.L.

As a 6-year-old, Jesse recalls his Winnsboro-home being a house of R&B and soul. Other than Will Smith, his mother didn’t allow hip-hop music because of the profane lyrics. Throughout his adolescent years, he was exposed to hip-hop legends and giants like Big L, Common and Tupac Shakur. Jesse cites a hip-hop pioneer, KRS-One, as he weighs in on his own perceptions of hip-hop and what it means to him. “Rap is something you do, hip-hop is something you live.” To Jesse, this music is a platform to release therapy.

In S.O.U.L., soul is heard indeed and for that, we have The Reverend to thank — none other than, Al Green. The love Jesse undoubtedly has for soulful sounds comes from his beloved grandfather, who sang in the church choir and as well as his grandmother, who also was blessed with an angelic voice. From a boy to the man he is, so much has influenced the artistry that Jesse has grown to have. From hip-hop heavyweights, Nas and LL Cool J to soulful legends, Al Green and Marvin Gaye - Jesse’s music muses these genres and resonates with us all.

What is Jesse’s motivation to make the music he creates? It’s whatever that inspires - from just going out into the Carolina breeze to just talking with someone and relating to that person. “Basically, I get inspiration from others or whatever I’m personally going through,” says Davis. When you listen to, “In the Rain”, “For My Mother” and “Heaven Conversations”, you’ll hear the root of his beginnings that only emerges from there.

While Davis is following his dreams, he will be joining the Spring 2017 graduating class at Grand Canyon University. Being the artist that Jesse is, furthering his education as an English major has also influenced his art. “To basically put that I’m in school can kind of inspire the next artist,” he says. He’s done both successfully and not only does his music promote education, he shows it; Jesse adds student teaching to his list and includes the adolescent minds in his music. They give him feedback while their heads move to the rhythms of his music.

Jesse Davis gives us what’s been missing in music for a long time, and he’s in a lane that’s all his own. It’s music that makes you think, music that makes you feel good and music that’s purely soul.

Purchase his new release S.O.U.L. on Bandcamp. For more updates on Jesse Davis, follow him on all of his social media:

Twitter: @JesseDavis91 // Instagram: JesseDavis91 // Facebook: OfficialJesseDavisMusic

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