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NiAmbi Agent

NiAmbi` Agent is a member of National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), the I Am Root Co. Collective and an alumnae of Arizona State University (Forks Up!). During her time at ASU, she served as Media Relations Officer for NABJ-ASU. NiAmbi` immerses herself in a little bit of everything - particularly in the arts and community.

Open discussions, singing, creative writing (songs and poetry), and dancing are just some of the things she enjoys. You can find her at community events, a lot of concerts and open mics either at the door, in the audience or on the mic. She is a people person and her ability to connect with people is an asset that is not learned but part of her being.


NiAmbi` means “the melody is heard" and being around her is like the aura of a perfect melody; a feeling you will never forget.

niambi` agent

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